The Faraglioni Rocks of Capri


The Faraglioni Rocks of Capri Landscape Ceramic Tile Scene is a handmade panel of Italian tiles 39.4×23.6 inches in total size.

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The Faraglioni Rocks of Capri – Landscape Ceramic Tile

The Faraglioni Rocks of Capri, Italy is a hand painted panel of Italian tiles 100×60 cm, approx. 39.4×23.6 inches in total size. 

The collage consists of 15 tiles each 20×20 cm, 8×8 inches.
The beautiful scenery of the ocean and the famous Rocks of Capri (Faraglioni) from August gardens has been hand painted into one collage on ceramic tiles that will make your home more unique.

Now it’s time to enjoy your hand painted Italian art from Italian Tile Mural Store.


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