Butterfly and Flowers Mosaic Tile


Butterfly and Flower Mosaic Tile is a handmade panel of 6 tile mural on 6″(inches) or 8″(inches).

Butterfly and Flowers Mosaic Tile – Kitchen Backsplash

Butterfly and Flower  is a mosaic tile panel of 6 ceramic tile on 6″(inches) or 8″(inches). This modern hand painted panel add more harmony to the entire house design.

The tiles used to cover walls, are used also in finishing kitchens, decorative panels, floor applications, fountains, fireplaces and table top.
Our tiles are fired at a very high temperature to ensure the highest quality and durability , and they are also waterproof and can withstand all weather elements.

Tile Size (6×6 inches) : Panel size approx. 17,7″ x 11,8 ” (the collage consists of 6 tiles)

Tile Size (8×8 inches) : Panel size approx. 23,6″ x 15,7 ” (the collage consists of 6 tiles)

Using a tile mural as part of a bathroom tile project, inside your shower and as part of your tub surround is a great way to liven up a plain field tile wall. Our decorative art tiles are waterproof . So install ours tiles behind your range, cooktop or anywhere as part of your kitchen backsplash design. Also use our custom tiles on the wall for your kitchen backsplash or your tub shower surround in your bathroom.
We have a large selection of decorative accent tiles and tile murals. Our tile scenes include tile murals of landscapes, tile murals of fish, tile murals with butterflies, tile murals with sea life, nautical tile murals, tile murals flowers, tile murals and decorative tile of fruits and tiles with vegetables and many other tile designs.

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Tile Size

6×6 (inches), 8×8 (inches)


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