Amalfi Ceramic Mural Tile


Custom Tile Art Ceramic​ – Amalfi in Italy Accent Tiles is a hand painted accent tile of 15×15 cm, 6 x 6 inches or 20×20 cm, 8×8 inches.



Amalfi Italian Mural Tile

Amalfi Line is the perfect addition to your kitchen splash-back tile project.  This is a hand painted accent tile of 15×15 cm, 6×6 inches or 20×20 cm, 8×8 inches.

This accent tile is perfect to add interest to your kitchen backsplash tile project. Abstract Images on tile are timeless and make an impressive kitchen backsplash idea. Wall tiles with ours fishes handpainted tiles add interest to your kitchen backsplash wall tile project.

Now it’s time to enjoy your hand painted Italian art from Italian Tile Mural Store

Additional information

Tile Size

6×6 inches, 8×8 inches


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