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Welcome in our mural tile shop !
What is the latest trend in kitchen backsplash ?

Mural Tile Shop - Italian Handmade

Shop now our colorful and vibrant backslashes, luxury art landscape, tile art ceramic and volcanic stone tables for your home. We have been producing original hand-decorated ceramic tiles for over thirty years in Salerno (Italy). You won’t find a better selection of art anywhere else. You won’t find a better selection of tile choices anywhere! By offering so many options your tile project can be everything you want it to be and more!

Use our ceramic glazed tiles, of tile mural shop, to cover walls of your kitchens or bathrooms and pools. We hand paint careful our products. Indeed the paint we use is water resistant, heat resistant, and washable with any type of soap or detergent.
In fact the applications they are waterproof and can withstand all weather elements.

The tiles are setting with “Tile Mastic” or “Thinset Mortar”. Use it the same way as a traditional generic tile.
Also use Tile Mastic for any walls where moisture is not prevalent like Kitchen walls, Kitchen backsplashes and Bathroom walls.

Now it’s time to enjoy your hand painted Italian art from artists of and .
Adding a decorative ceramic wall tile mural to your home really makes a statement. Show off your own individual taste and stye with our decorative wall tile murals and accent pieces.

Backsplash Decorative Tiles is the latest trend in Kitchen Backsplash all Made in Italy

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