Hand Painted Ceramic Tiles

Backsplash Decorative Tile - Italian Tile Mural Sore

Our glazed hand painted ceramic tiles are traditionally used to cover walls where they are used in finishing kitchens, bathrooms, benches, decorative panels, floor applications, pools, fountains, fireplaces, table top, outdoor BBQs, hospitality and retail projects.

These Tiles are fired at a very high temperature to ensure the highest quality and durability which makes our tiles suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications they are waterproof and can withstand all weather elements.

The artwork is hand drawn onto the tiles with a soft pencil and then hand painted.
After decorating it, each piece is baked once again at costant temperature between 920/950 degrees Celsius for about 10 hours where the colors are sealed in permanently, they will not fade or wash away making your art incredibly durable.
Once colors reach their maturity level the kiln is brought back down to room temperature for unloading.

Our tiles can be set the same way as a traditional generic tile using Tile Mastic or Thinset Mortar.
Tile Mastic can be used for any walls where moisture is not prevalent like Kitchen walls, Kitchen backsplashes, Bathroom backsplashes and Bathroom walls.

Thinset Mortar includes all of the above as well as Shower walls, Bathroom floors, Bathroom walls, Kitchen floors and Kitchen countertops and all exterior floors.

Italian Tile Mural Store – About Us

Custom tile murals, Luxury tile, Tile art, the beauty of the Italian Art has been hand painted on ceramic tiles.

Hi, I’m Giovanni Senatore, Production Manager and Owner of Italian Tile Mural Store : Luxury Art Landscape, Tile Art Ceramic, Hand Painted Backsplash for Kitchen, Accent Tiles, Decorative Tile Art,  and Baths Tile …

Giovanni Senatore

Thank you for showing interest in my products, and this gives me so much joy and satisfaction.I would like to work for you right away, to customize your home.Excuse me if I speak to you confidentially, but it is very important to give you an idea of ​​the person you are giving your trust and money.I work to generate profit that is used for normal existence (education, children, travel, etc.).In addition, I believe that the satisfaction of my “friend” customer is more important than just earning.Landscapes Tile Art Ceramic, Hand Painted Backsplash for Kitchen, Accent Tiles, Decorative Tile Art, Accent Decor and Bathroom wall Tile … the beauty of the Italian Art has been hand painted on ceramic tiles that will make your home more unique.